Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ikea - Shoe Storage Cabinets

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Storage, why do I feel like I never have enough storage? Because I don’t! What is it with my house? The blue print was designed to take advantage of every square inch of space, but the problem with my house is that the architect of this blueprint forgot that people need storage for all their junk! What I would give to have extra storage like a large laundry room, a butler’s pantry, big coat closets, and a large master bedroom closet.

One thing that makes me nutso in my house is there is nowhere to take off your shoes when you walk in. So 2 things occur, people just don’t take off their shoes and track dirt and snow all over my floors or they do kick off the shoes and throw them in a heap on my family room floor.

#1. The wearing of shoes in the house and not taking them off issue, is a major gripe. Growing up in a family where wearing shoes in the house is a crime, to having my house tracked up all the time because folks don’t remove their shoes is not working for me anymore. I am guilty of this too, but I typically take off my shoes when I come home just maybe not right at the door. Others who shall remain nameless walk around in the shoes all day and night. Nothing can be worse than walking on the floor in my warm cozy socks to step in a freezing cold water spot left from someone’s shoes! Or finding dirt clumps or black skid marks left from the rubber soles of boots! I totally get why my mom and my aunts always made people remove the shoes before coming into their homes.

#2. Finding heaps of shoes laying on the family room floor. Oh how this makes me totally cray-cray! I added a basket under the end table for shoes, I am the only one who uses it. I added a gold basket behind the end table and this one gets used but the amount of shoes is too much for this one basket (remember the basket under the end table? Neither do my kids!) Did I mention all these shoes are my kid’s? Plus they dump backpacks and their coats back here on the floor too. Lovely! Honestly I just try to not look at that spot.

I went to Ikea a few weeks ago and was looking at the shoe cabinets. These are very cool! I bought the plastic apple green set for my garage. I want the other 2 cabinets as well for different areas of my house. While at Ikea I took pictures of the cabinet, checked out the cabinets, and noted the measurements.

This totally durable and totally plastic 3-tier shoe cabinet is one I bought for my garage walls. I think I need more than 1 set. But these come apart so you can hang then horizontal, vertical or you can vary them with a different color to make a pattern. And they are $39.99 for a 3-tier set. Right now this is sitting in my family room next to the 2 baskets I use for shoes, but like the baskets, this is also empty. Haha! I wanted these to store gloves, hats and scarves. I think keeping these in the garage attached to the wall  is the best place versus being stuffed into a laundry basket which is laying on its side in my tiny coat closet. The closet is so tiny that the basket has to be turned on its side to fit thru the doorway of this closet, lol.

Next is this really cool and tall cabinet. This one has 2 shoe drawers and one shallow top drawer for keys or other quick access items.  I like this one for my family room to replace all the baskets. In white! Maybe with a mirror over it and some different hardware.

Finally this one I really really like! It is only 8-5/8” deep, that is nothing! I want at least 2 of these 4 compartment cabinets for my upstairs hallway to store things like small stadium throw blankets, magazines, shoes, etc… I think I also like this one in white. The stock photo I attached from Ikea is the look I would love to have on the hall wall.

All good things in time though! I am still paying off Christmas so these little beauties will have to wait until spring!

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