Friday, January 17, 2014

Home Depot - Do-It Herself Workshop - Storage Trunk #DIHWORKSHOP (on Instagram)

I was looking at Instagram Wednesday afternoon and saw a Home Depot post advertising the Thursday, Jan 16 Do-It Herself workshop that was offered to make a storage trunk. I was intrigued, I knew that both Lowe's and Home Depot offered workshops but many times they were for projects that didn't appeal to me like installing a toilet.

Jan 16 - Building a storage trunk
Feb 20 - Making a mosaic mirror
Mar 20 - installing tile backsplash

Workshops are held every third Thursday from 6:30 - 8:00pm at your local Home Depot and are FREE! Go online at or to register for classes.

My Experience at the Workshop
My first impression when I pulled into the Home Depot parking was I am the only one here. I went to the small out of the way Home Depot near my house, it is never busy but literally I was the only car in the parking lot. I went inside 3 employees were at the service desk talking and I asked where the workshop was and they told me where to go and yelled at the lady running it that I was walking over.

I get to the "workshop" and nothing was set up and the lady running it told me she was not ready because she didn't think anyone would show up. So I waited about 10 mins while she set up the materials she used on a table. So at 6:40pm she started the workshop which was showing me the trunk they pre-built.

She showed me the materials and made several references to "the reason we're not building this in this workshop is because we have over $100.00 in materials in this trunk". And I am not being rude but after looking at the box on wheels they had built no way that thing cost over $100! The plywood was $35 and that is high but everything else used was only a few dollars, so let's cut the cost estimate back to $50.

I wrote down the measurements and the materials used and took a picture of the "trunk". I would build this for toys in my garage to be stored in but since I didn't see anything actually being built I admit I will be figuring this out on my own. But its a box so it cannot be that hard, plus HD will cut the wood for me.

The lady did take me into the lumber dept and showed me which plywood she used versus what was called for on the Ana-White plans and the 2x2 and 1x2 and the trim and corner pieces she used versus what they could have used.

That was it. I talked to the lady for another 5 mins about paint and then tile and left.

My impression of the Workshop:

  1. They were not prepared at all
  2. They didn't build anything, just showed me the materials and finished product
  3. The lady running the class kept referencing the man who cut the wood for her 
  4. I kept hearing "when he built this"  (shouldn't the person teaching the workshop have the knowledge on how the item was built??)
  5. I did not learn a darned thing!
  6. I would think since its a workshop on how to build a storage trunk a storage trunk could have been built in that 1.5hour time slot. But the lady kept telling me they could not built it in that timeframe???
  7. The person teaching the workshop works in flooring was not from lumber or a carpenter, so who was this expert mentioned in the advertisement?
  8. Oh my favorite part was when the corner trim partially detached and the comment was "oh we used cheap wood glue!" Seriously!!!! Pop a finish nail near the end! LOL

Will I go back to other workshops?
I am going to go to the next 2, just to see what they are about. I was told in the February workshop I will get to make a mosaic mirror and in March will learn how to do a tile backsplash. I think this first workshop experience was extremely disappointing but I am not going to let it sour me from others. If the next workshop disappoints I may switch to a different and bigger Home Depot.

I was asking them about the new chalky paint I saw on Instagram, HiSugarplum and on the HD blog and told them it would look good on that storage trunk and their paint expert was standing there and she kept telling me it was chalkboard paint and I kept telling her no its not and described it to her, the packaging, what is was, etc... They had to go on the HD website and look it up and read about it. They didn't carry it at their store nor did they have any knowledge of this new product. Me the customer educated them on their own product and from there I heard the paint expert going around to other employees telling them about this paint I just told them about. I thought that was interesting that HD have not even educated their paint experts about a product being advertised on social media.

My Time Invested in the Workshop
I drove 20 minutes to HD and 20 minutes home = 40 minutes in driving
I waited 10 minutes for the workshop to be set up = 10 minutes waiting
Talked to employees for about 5 mins about tile = 5 minutes talking after workshop
Workshop 15 minutes including telling them about chalky paint = 15 minutes for actual work shop

I left home at 6:05 got to HD at 6:25 at 6:30 workshop not ready waited for set up. 6:40 workshop started, 6:55 workshop finished, talked to employee about tile for 5 minutes. Left store at 7:00, drove home got home at 7:23.

Total = spent more time driving than at HD.

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