Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Wrap Up

I was planning to post my house pictures in December, but I was busy getting everything ready for Christmas and trying to enjoy my time off work, so I fell behind here.

I took a lot of pictures as I was pulling things together but in some cases didn't snap the final picture or had a project I didn't get to write about. I did post my trees and a couple other pre-Christmas projects.

I like to add new decorations every year, but for the most part I reuse the same decorations every year. I don't want to overspend on decorations that only come out for 30-45 days. I do like to hit up the Dollar Tree near my home every year to see what they have on hand that can be added to my decorations and on the cheap.

I love nutcrackers, as do both my kids. Because I do not have a fireplace mantel we set them up by the fireplace. My daughter set up the nutcrackers this year based on size and her favorites.

The gold vase was a Target clearance buy in early December. The bowl is from Homegoods. The tree came from Dollar Tree in 2012, and the ornaments are Dollar Tree. The ornaments came in a pack for $1, I bought 3 or 4 packs. These ornaments are plastic and really pretty, a great cheap buy!

Advent calendar, I saw this project on Honey We're Home in 2012. I made this in 2012 and reused this year.

Gingerbread house is a tradition I have done with my kids every year. They are getting more independent and need my help less each year. I buy the Wilton gingerbread house kit and this year bought the pre-assembled house so it was all about decorating it and enjoying the results. Both kids do 1/2 of the house.

My Disney countdown calendar was bought in Disneyland in 2002. The Gingerbread men
hanging on each side of the door were found locally in stores. The door knob jinglers were bought this year at the Dollar Tree for $1 each.

I have been given some decorations as gifts like the cloth snowmen and the small lighted snowman. The tall wooden snowman on the right was bought at Michaels about 10-12 years ago, I painted it. I add a faux pine garland to my stair railing and added strands of lights. I placed 3 light up lanterns on my stairs, I bought these on clearance at CVS for $4 each during summer closeout. 

My front porch has a doormat bought at Walmart for less than $5. I added a Santa sign from Hobby Lobby bought in 2012 at 50% off. The small cloth Santa sign came from the Dollar Tree. The wreaths are real pine and bought from the Boyscouts. The gold topiary are a Pinterest project. I took tomato cages and covered the outside with paper bags to fill in the gaps, then wrapped gold garland around the cages, then wrapped strands of red and green lights around the cages. I added red metallic bows at the top. The garland and bows were bought at the Dollar Tree. These were made in 2012, I did add some new garland this year on the right. The left side topiary will need additional garland in 2014 to cover faded strands. Finally the wooden snowman was a gift from my mom, but I am certain this can be built easily. 

Homemade snowflakes, a task on our advent calendar. These are fun, cooky, and cost nothing.

Wall present, I took a picture frame and wrapped it and attached to the wall using Command picture hanging strips. Be careful pulling these strips down, when I took this picture down and removed the strip, it actually pulled the paint and the top layer of the drywall off with it, not very happy with 3M over the damage to my wall!

Simple chargers under my china. I bought the red at Target for $2.50 each, Walmart was selling them for $0.98 but they were not in great condition. After Christmas at Walmart they had unopened boxes of these on clearance for $0.49 each. I got more red and green.

On my stairs I made family name ornaments using a mixing bowl and construction paper. I made a circle on the construction paper and made a little square ornament topper using a deck of cards. I used glue and glitter to create each person an ornament that was unique from the others. This project was cheap since I had all supplies on hand. I poked a hole in each ornament and hung using curling ribbon. I have used these about 4-5years and plan to continue using these until they fade too much or fall apart. 

As you can see in my pictures, I use traditional Christmas colors and decorations. I try to put out fun decorations, and in my living room and dining room try to use more grown up looking decorations, but still something my kids enjoy. I don't feel the need to spend a lot of money and often find decorations at Dollar Tree, or get them on sale or clearance. I prefer to find creative projects to make at home that look pretty, can be used multiple times, and cost little to nothing. 

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