Wednesday, December 4, 2013

O'Christmas Tree

I put my tree up the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I usually do it the Friday after but we had so many people over Thursday and Friday that it was not possible to get everything out of the attic.

Let me start with our main Christmas tree. This is a BIG tree. I am outnumbered on the colorful lights, but if 3 out of the 4 in the house want multi-color lights then they win. Plus I believe that Christmas should be fun for my kids and want it to meet their expectations of what Christmas is. I love looking at the beautiful sophisticated Christmas decorations that some bloggers do in their house or the photo shoots you see in magazines and I always hope there is a colorful tacky tree in an unseen corner that their kids get to truly enjoy.

This tree is the tacky tree in my house, but I love it. This tree has handmade ornaments and handmade treasures my kids have made at home or at school. This tree is colorful, fun, and this is the tree where Santa delivers all the goodies.

I do have my tree that is much smaller and is in a different room, I will post pictures of this tree Thursday :)

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