Thursday, December 5, 2013

Jenni's Tree

Yesterday I showed off my main family Christmas tree. Today I am showing off my tree. I used to get a live tree, then one year the handmade ornaments got a little heavy on one side of the tree and the whole thing flipped over breaking most of the ornaments. After that we switched to an artificial tree. This little tree served us well for many years but once we moved into our house I found a large tree that would fit into our family room and the little tree became my second tree.

My tree has always gone up in my upstairs hallway in front of the big triple window but because I put in the storage ottomans in front of the window this year the tree will not fit there. I decided to put my tree in the living room in the corner, where I would only have to move a small tv stand that holds all my jar candles.

I have always done this tree in blue, since blue is my favorite color, but this year I wanted to do something different. I chose purple and gold as my tree colors this year.

My kids like to sneak in different ornaments and in the past my blue tree morphed into a multi-color tree. This year I had to make them stick to my tree's color scheme. Brooke snuck in one red and white ornament on the bottom of the tree. My son insisted one one strand of green lights, I will admit I fought him on this but I let him win, afterall its only 1 strand of lights.

The lights on the tree are a strand of pink, a strand of green, and a strand of amber. All the ornaments are ones I have had like the little gold bows, or ones I bought dirt cheap on clearance after Christmas last year at Kmart. I also created some pledge glitter ball ornaments for my tree.

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