Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gold and Silver Duct Tape Vases

Just when I thought I had exhausted all uses for duct tape, I see a gorgeous glass vase posted by Cassie at Hi Sugarplum. She used a cheap Dollar store glass vase and made it custom with my FAVORITE gold duct tape.

I had just bought a new roll of the gold tape and I bought a roll of the silver duct tape and decided this was a great project and was perfect for Christmas decorating. I Cruella Deville'd it all the way to the Dollar Tree to snag a glass vase as soon as I saw Cassie's vase, lol. I did choose a smaller sized glass vase than what Cassie used, had I only wanted 1 I likely would have bought the larger vases but because I wanted 2 I went a size smaller.

This was a simple simple project. I bought a straight glass vase at the Dollar Tree, well I bought 2 actually. I got home and cleaned the vases and then placed the gold tape toward the bottom and wrapped it around trying to stay straight. I wasn't perfect so I pulled the tape back and repositioned it. I repeated the same process with the silver tape. On the second vase, I set the 2 vases next to each other on a table and attached the tape first to the completed vase to get my tape to the same height, and then attached it to the second vase and then released the tape from the finished vase and wrapped  the remaining tape around the second vase.  Try to put your seams in the same places!

This was about a 5 minute project. I buy the gold tape a lot, but never the silver, the silver tape is pretty, give it a try!  They also sell glitter duct tape too but you get half the amount of tape and at a higher cost, so I have not splurged on that just yet, it's a bit too expensive to buy for not having any ideas for it. Target near my work finally got the python duct tape, it only took almost a year for Ohio to get python print duct tape, haha. I snagged a roll of it though before it sold out. :-)

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