Monday, December 16, 2013

Decoupage Picture Frame

Ohio weather is crazy!  Yesterday the snow was melting off the grass and today driving the kids to school was scary! plus all the melted snow is re-covered.  Many thanks to the school for their irresponsible decision to not at the very least delay operations for 2 hours so the roads could be scraped!  My kids school district does not like to use those snow days! Very stingy! All the other local schools were delayed or closed except ours. But the kids are there and safe and I made it there and back safe, thank goodness for traction control and that there were very few people on the road this morning, it allowed me to drive very slow and be safe without having someone up my bumper.

Okay, enough of my rant over the school district :)

Decoupage was hot a couple years ago but even though the rage has calmed down, decoupage itself is very cool because you can take cheap materials and create something unique, special, and to your liking. I know I have looked for things in the stores and never really found what I wanted but with decoupage I can use scrapbook paper or fabric to create a look that I have been unable to find in the store.

The picture frame I made a couple years ago was made from a cheap frame I found at Michael's on clearance for $1. The scrapbook paper was bought on a 50% off sale for about 25 cents a sheet and a bottle of decoupage glue Beacon brand for $5.99 a bottle at Hobby Lobby bought with the 40% off coupon for $3.60.

You can do this 2 ways one way is to put the paper on the frame tack in place. Using a marker trace the inner and outer edge of the frame against the paper. Using a craft exact-o knife or scissors carefully cut the shape out. Carefully attach the paper to the frame with decoupage glue.

Or you can attach paper to the frame with decoupage glue and allow to completely dry. Once dry using craft knife cut around the outer and inner lines of the frame.

Using decoupage glue it is important to read the directions on the bottle. I added a small amount of the glue to a dish and wet my paint brush before dipping into the glue. Decoupage glue is runny and not thick. Once the paper was attached and dry and cut out to fit the frame I brushed decoupage glue over the top of the scrapbook paper to complete the project.

To finish my frame I used gold craft paint and painted the back of the frame and the sides of the frame. The front of the frame dried with a shiny finish.

Very easy, cheap, and fast project.

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