Friday, December 6, 2013

Cheap DIY - Tinsel Wreath

I bought about 8 strands of gold tree tinsel strands at the Dollar Tree. I only needed 3 strands for my project. Which left me with 5 strands left over. I wanted a quick project to use up the remaining strands. As I was decorating my tree in purple and gold I decided I needed to decorate the living room with the leftover gold tinsel. But how?
I decided that a little gold tinsel wreath would be very cute and having the wreath on the mirror over my couch was a perfect solution. My next thought was how can I create the wreath without spending more money?
I needed something to be the form for my wreath. I first thought about cutting a piece off a pool noodle but thought that may be too big. As I was strolling through my kitchen I saw a Chinette round paper dinner platter (bigger than a normal paper plate) and thought I would give it a try.

I used a soup bowl flipped on the top to draw the center circle on the Chinette plate. Then cut it out. I wrapped the tinsel around the plate and tucked in the loose ends. I used 4 strands of the tinsel. I always have Command 3M picture hanging products around the house and used the small hook to attach to my mirror and to hang my pretty gold wreath.

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