Sunday, November 17, 2013

Preparing for Thanksgiving

It amazes me how fast time goes by. I had a ton of stuff to share the last week of Halloween but we had to trick-or-treat in cold rain and high winds so all the cute photos I thought I would get to take just didn't happen. Traditionally we have met at my sister-in-laws house and a large group of us go trick-or-treating together, but one family has met other friends they now prefer to trick-or-treat with and the others this year decided to not do it because of the weather, so it was just us. My son only made it about an hour, once the rain really started to come down he was finished. My daughter and I stuck it out in the cold dark rain.

Since then I have been invested in reading the final book of the Divergent series, Allegiant by Veronica Roth.  Don't get me started on that book, I will post about it some other time. But I will say I have been trying to 1 actually read this one, and 2 get over my feelings this book invoked. Yeah I know its just a book, but this one after reading and loving the first 2 books of the trilogy was upsetting to say the least.

So what have I been up to on the home front?  I had this plastic horse from Walmart that I had plans for (for over a year! LOL) but then I saw Carmel's Anthropologie hack and decided to try that instead of storing my horse for my project. I did mine I think a little closer to the Anthropologie version but hers was closer to my original plan. I have to say I love it the way I did this horse!

I decided to try to stencil curtains. I like how they look but the texture, I don't know just yet. I have not completed this project, and won't until Thanksgiving week. The panels will be used as an interim solution in my breakfast room until we get a new patio door.

I finally got my mirrored console off Overstock that I wanted outside my home gym. It is covered in workout videos right now, so I don't have any good pics of it in the space I picked. Plus I need to get a mirror to go with the console.

Speaking of home gym, I have started to use it again! Yeah, but this has also made me aware of work that I need to get done in that room. I have been hard at work making needed improvements to make this room more functional. It won't be finished overnight but little changes will improve my ability to function in this gym.

I don't really go overboard with Thanksgiving decor, so enjoy the pictures of my entryway. Brooke decided to attach foam leaves to the closet doors. Simple. I use many of the same items for both Halloween and Thanksgiving decor, once Halloween is over I pack up the Halloween items. Outside my house I have the scarecrows on the bamboo sticks, but not much else, it is very windy where I live so less outside is better. We host so the less decoration the better, it just gets in the way but I do like a little decoration to be festive.

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