Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Horse Candleholder - Anthropologie Knock-Off

I mentioned Sunday that Carmel at Our Fifth House recreated the Antropologie horse candleholder. I had seen some really cute tealight holders in the Partylite catalog over a year ago and decided I could make it myself, and I still may do it if I ever find the time.
What I liked about the Anthrologie horse candleholder is that the hole for the candle is in the animal. The Partylite version has the animal attached to a base and the hole is drilled into the base. The animals are metallic and the base is a dark brown or black

Carmel bought the solid plastic horses sold at Michaels and had to drill a hole into the horse and attached her finished horses to a wooden base for stability. I had a Walmart plastic horse that is hollow so I was able to cut the hole with a knife.
The Walmart animals have the head attached to the body with glue so it leaves an annoying seam around the neck. I used my favorite pink-to-white spackle to cover that seam and sanded it smooth once the spackle was dry.

I held a taper candle to the desired spot on the horse's back and traced a circle with a sharpie. Next I used a steak knife to cut a slit in the back along the seam. Once I had that slit cut I used a craft knife to cut out the hole. I didn't try to cut it too big because I wanted to size the candle to the hole. This was quick and easy. Once I had the hole cut to the right size, I was ready to spry paint this little beauty. I used Rustoleum in Glossy Black.

Yep, I really screwed the bottle onto the horse's back
I used an empty plastic soda bottle to sit the horse's leg in so I could paint and I also screwed the horse onto the bottle top via the handy hole I cut in its back so I could easily paint its underside.

The taper candle sits in the little hole nicely and rests on the inside of the horse's belly. I think it is very stable so no need to attach to a base.

I only had 1 horse and am actively looking for a second horse, Walmart apparently has sold out of these horses (I have checked 3 stores now). They cost $3 each and paint was just under $4 for a can that will get used on multiple projects. Now that I have been living with this finished horse for about a month I would love to have a set of these horses in glossy red too. Many thanks to Carmel for this great idea! My horse would still be sitting on the shelf had she not come up with this DIY project.


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