Saturday, October 5, 2013

Updating The Trim and Door Paint

Yesterday I mentioned that I have been working hard the past 2 weeks repainting the trim and doors in my house. I still have a LONG way to go to because I only worked on the main hallway on the first and second floors. I have not worked on the rooms yet, except my first floor half bath, and kitchen and eat-in areas.

I used Valspar primer + paint in semi-gloss in the untinted bright white. I have tried to used the tinted white in the past but it looked dingy. I also added a bit of Floetrol to the paint to help reduce brush and roller marks.

My front door had a few dings so I used spackle specifically for metal doors and then sanded it to a smooth flat finish.  I was debating painting the door a dark color like black or grey but decided that I was going the easy route and sticking with white since it matches the other 6 doors in the entryway. I like the white though looks very fresh and clean! I also did the stairs (pics attached) and my upper hallway.

I am still not finished painting though! Just finished my kitchen wall this week and will finish painting door knobs and the family room this weekend. I also have to finish hemming the new curtains I got for my family room and clean out the garage. Looking forward to a very busy weekend!

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