Friday, October 25, 2013

Trisha Yearwood's - 6 Week Pickles

If you may recall over the summer a local farmer sold me over 50 BIG cucumbers. Some I canned into dill pickles and the remainder I decided to attempt the 6 week pickle recipe that Trisha Yearwood showed on her HGTV program Trisha's Southern Kitchen.

These are tangy sweet pickles. I will be honest and say I hate sweet pickles or bread and butters, I have always thought they were totally disgusting. But the way Trisha was talking about these pickles made me want to try them.

The recipe is very easy, soak cucumbers in vinegar for 6 weeks, drain the cucumbers, slice them, add sugar and cinnamon oil and clove oil and shake for 2-3 additional days. Done!

I didn't have the glass jars she discussed so I soaked my cucumbers in a large drink cooler in my basement, literally an igloo cooler. This worked perfectly because the cooler seals when you close it and I got all the cucumbers into 1 container.

I admit the 6-week soak turned into a an 11 week soak. I just didn't have time to get to these after 6 weeks. I followed the recipe by pulling out the cucumbers and NOT rinsing them. I sliced them and added them to plastic jugs I had left over from snacks we bought at Sams. Again I just didn't have the glass jars she says to use and I was not willing to go buy them.

Once you slice and jar the pickles you add sugar and the oils (cinnamon and clove) shake the containers several times a day. Don't worry that you have no juice in the pickle slices, once you add the sugar and the oils the pickles make their own juice.

I didn't know how to can these because the recipe does not mention it. But I followed normal canning principles and processed the jars in my water bath canner.

I have to admit these pickles are strong, tangy, sweet. They are pretty good. I was surprised I liked them. My 11 week soak I think made mine very strong but I like that tanginess.

Here are the basic directions:

16 medium length cucumbers (about 6 pounds)
2 quarts white distilled Vinegar
4 scant drops clove oil
4 scant drops cinnamon oil
4 pounds white sugar

Soak whole cucumbers in vinegar in covered container for 6 weeks. cucumbers should be submurged.
After 6 weeks remove cucumbers from vinegar bath, DO NOT rinse cucumbers.
Slice cucumbers.
In jars layer cucumbers and sugar, top jar with drops of cinnamon and clove oils. This will make new pickle juice. Shake jars several times a day for 2-3 days. Enjoy.

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