Thursday, October 24, 2013

Target Find: Nate Berkus White and Silver Pillow

My pillow mania is coming to an end...well maybe :)

I found the black and gold pillow and this white and silver pillow within a few days of each other at different Target stores. Like the black and gold pillow, I only bought one of these. I think the pillow is very pretty and stands alone so only 1 was needed.

I admit there is one more Nate Berkus pillow at Target that I like but I have not yet run there thinking life cannot continue without it. So I may have 1 more pillow in my near future.

This pillow is solid white and has little rectangular rhinestones sewed on making the pretty silver pattern up the center of the pillow. I like how it looks in my crappy but comfy old chair :). You notice my Ikea striped throw blanket covering the seat of my chair and the pillow to contrast the blanket. 

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