Friday, October 11, 2013

Repainted Kitchen Walls

In the month of September I was pretty much AWOL here, I kept mentioning painting trim, doors, and walls, blah blah blah. I was really painting that whole time. I like it to be as close to perfect that I can get it as an amateur painter so I am pretty darned slow at painting. 

Okay so how do I explain the green wall? I wanted darker brown behind the cabinets and lighter on the green wall. Tim thought that sounded boring so I asked what do you want he said some color like green. So I went to home depot and chose this green color to compromise. I really have not liked since it was rolled on several years ago. It shows every ding and nick and little greasy and grimy hand print that touches it. Plus if you stand facing my kitchen and look into my dining room, guess what color I painted that room?? It was green overkill and quite honestly green isn't my most liked color, so not sure why I have so much green happening in my house.

I decided to carry the same beige shade as the halls and living room onto this wall, just makes sense to me.  I had to take down all the hung too high pictures and the broken foil, plastic wrap and paper towel holder from the wall and then do a lot of patching and sanding. I did not however, repaint the darker brown wall since we plan to redo the cabinets, counter and floor in the near future. I only touched up needed spots onthe darker brown. 

This took about 3 thick coats to cover the green. Plus don't forget the work I put into touching up the baseboards, trim and painting on the doors! This room looks so different now and the space seems bigger now. Much better than the dark green. I still need to get something on the wall for this weekend's party to decorate either a temporary fix or a long-term decision (stay tuned). Now to repaint the family room and cover that blue fireplace wall!

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