Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Part 3 - Cleaning My Drawers! -- Junk Drawer #2 Turned Towel Drawer

All hail the queen of junk! That's how I feel sometimes :-) Cleaning out the junk drawers in my kitchen has been SOOO fun! Really, not! Who needs 2 junk drawers in one room?

This drawer as you can see from the picture I cleared all the junk out of the drawer and moved it to the floor, then sorted it by need to keep and relocate and then by need to purge. Sorry no pictures of the junk in the drawer just imagine that pile dumped in the drawer in no order. Don't ask which drawers that junk got relocated too! That will be covered in my next series of Cleaning My Drawers, LOL, no really...

The towel drawer was not that bad, I just grabbed the stacks and moved them down a drawer, it never occurred to me to just switch the drawers! She's a smart one kids ;-)

So now my towels are in my bottom drawer where our never used junk used to reside.

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