Monday, October 28, 2013

No Sew Table Runner

Not everyone can sew or enjoys sewing. I am a novice but I do like to sew and make things. As I was preparing my house for the kids party a couple weeks ago, I decided the night before the party that I needed to have a table runner on our kitchen table. No time to measure and sew.

I did have a piece of scrap fabric that 1.) matched the pillow covers I made for my family room couch, and 2.) that matched the fabric covered trash can I made as a flower pot. This fabric scrap oddly enough was exactly long enough and wide enough to make a runner for my table.

I got my iron and ironing board set up and let the iron get hot. I gathered the fabric and stitch witchery. I didn't measure this runner but instead was able to follow the pattern of the fabric to keep my line straight. I used the stitch witchery as my guide to fold the edges the same width.

This runner took about 10 mins to make. The runner changed the look of our every night dinner table. This is something I can use until I want a new look.

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