Friday, October 18, 2013

From Trash Can To Custom Flower Pot

I was scoping out great ideas on Infarrantly Creative a couple weeks ago and noticed this awesome idea posted by Carmel of Our Fifth House. Carmel has a very creative mind and I decided to steal this idea for my own house.

Lucky for me that Carmel remembered to snap a before picture of the trash can because I totally forgot.

Photo credit: Carmel @

What surprised me about this trash can besides the low $7 price was how big it is, I would say it is similar in height to a bathroom trashcan or a small office trashcan. This was a Target buy and I found it in the aisles where you might find bins and storage type containers.

Based on the size and the future weight of the finished and filled pot, I decided this was going to be WAY too heavy to use on my storm door and decided I would use this inside my house next to my patio door. I chose a fabric scrap I liked and used spray adhesive to spray down the trashcan and carefully smoothed on the fabric. I tucked fabric under the bottom of the pot and secured it with the spray glue.

The little handles on the side are very cute and have function so I slit the material in the hole and carefully wrapped the fabric inward and glued the fabric down inside the pot. I bought a nice size mum from Home Depot for $5 to put into the trashcan but they had small squat pots this year so I needed something to place inside the pot to sit the mum on. I used an old tall candle jar, mouth side down and set the mum on the jar.

Here is a picture of the Door bucket Carmel made, Love the beautiful fabric she used:

Photo credit: Carmel @

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