Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Favorite Finds - Target - Black and Gold Nate Berkus Pillow

I like pillows....A LOT! This one was sitting on the "Nate Berkus" end cap at Target and I wanted it. I don't have time to mill around Target everyday or every week for that matter. I am busy, I work a full-time job that is hectic and extremely stressful..which means most days I don't leave my desk even once, I just work... I don't eat, drink, go to the restroom.. I just work.

It is important to get away during the day to de-stress and to stretch out. I like those rare occassions to check out stores that are close to me like Pier 1 and Target (I live south of Dayton, Ohio and good stores are slim pickin's). This trip this beautiful black and gold pillow was staring me down and I decided I had to buy it, my luck is if I don't buy when something is on the shelf and I try to go back later, it's ALWAYS sold out.

I was not sure where I was going to put this pillow but I decided on my home office for now since the color was complementary. I did not buy 2 of these, only 1.. it stands alone 2 would be too many.

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