Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dollar Store Pumpkins Turned Glitter Pumpkins!

I will admit I did this project last fall. But I was trying to finish up cheer season and my master's degree so I never had time to post this.

The Dollar Tree sells these little carveable pumpkins for $1 each. They are the size of  a cantalope, so not tiny but not like a big pumpkin. I like the size though, because I can move them around on nearly any surface and they don't take up too much space. This little fireplace "mantle" was decorated by my 10 year old daughter Brooke. She loves to help and this is fun stuff so I gave her the supplies and she set it up how she wanted it.

I laid out newspaper to do this project and it did take several days to complete. I used regular Elmer's glue to cover half of the pumpkin. Next I dumped (yes dumped) glitter over the glue, shake off the excess. I poured the excess glitter back into the container and let the pumpkin set over night. Next day I completed the other half of the pumpkin. Day 3 I did the stem and set over night to dry.

What I did not like is that this is covered in glitter so the glitter likes to fall off. So on day 4 I took the pumpkins outside and lightly and from a good distance sprayed clear gloss spray paint on the pumpkins to seal in the glitter. I think that a covering of decoupage glue on the glitter would do the same job. If you spray the clear gloss do it lightly it might cause the glitter to lighten, trust me I got heavy handed on one and it bleached the glitter in spots. But once this protective coat dried the glitter was sealed on and wasn't flaking off anymore.

This is an easy and fast project and kid friendly and cheap :)  Use different colors and textures of glitter they turn out very pretty and look like the glitter pumpkins you see all over the stores this year.

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