Monday, October 7, 2013

Clearance Finds: Target - Lamp and Shade

After a lazy morning taking our son to the Waffle House for breakfast (his pick), I ran over to Target to get a heat patch for my shoulder. Well no one can go into Target and just get what they came for so I ended up cruising through the home decor aisles and found some cool stuff to decorate with and to do projects with. I need new lamps in my living room so I wanted to see what Target had, however, nothing really fit my needs and I decided to wait for my new Homegoods store to open (Oct 17!! Can't wait). I was walking away and this little mirrored lamp caught my eye, I looked at it for a couple seconds and walked away.

There was some kind of gravitational pull that brought me back to that aisle because I ended up back in the lamp aisle in front of the little mirrored lamp. $10 clearance price was appealing but I would have to get a shade too so there goes the price. Then the stars aligned and I noticed a lamp shade that was a medium size (same as the lamp) it was white and $5 on clearance! Score!

Love it in my entryway, I threw away the little water fountain that was about to breakdown with this beautiful lamp. It looks so different at my house compared to what it looked like on the shelf at Target.

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