Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pillow Covers - Nicole Italian Brown Ogee Pattern

Yep more pillow covers! I still have one more fabric to go (Premier Prints Twill Gotcha Corn Yellow) and I have all fabrics I bought for pillow covers used. Geez, I have had these laying around since June! Glad that I am making some progress. The left over fabric will be hung for later use.

These are Premier Prints Nicole Drew Italian Brown. They are stunning, hands down my favorite. My couch is a grey-brown color more grey than brown but still you can see the brown. I made two 18 inch deep pocket envelope covers. I was thinking they would look just ok on my couch but I love them on this couch. Now to buy or make some new curtains and repaint the room and get a new chair, mine is looking gnarly but it is over 20 years old. These covers will be on my couch for a while, can't see me getting tired of these anytime soon.

Sorry, not the greatest pictures, I took them with my new phone! (exciting for me) I have temporarily misplaced the 2 SD cards for my big camera :-)

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