Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Candle Jar Coozies

Fall is descending upon us and this time of year I like lots of candles. I like candles year round but especially in colder months because it makes a room seem warmer and smell good.
I have a couple brands I like the best: Gold Canyon and Bath and Body Works. Both have strong scents. Gold Canyon is my favorite, I love fresh orange and ginger lime but these are sold by consultants so they are not readily accessible in a store. The ability to walk into Bath and Body Works and pick a candle is wonderful. But what I don't like about B&BW is that the scents are changed WAAAAYYY too much. I like certain scents and want to know I can get them year round, another reason why I love Gold Canyon so much.
I like to have the candles but don't care for the stickers on the front of the jars. For B&BW or White Barn jars I like to take a piece of scrap paper and make a sleeve to fit around the outside of the jar. 

The paper does not fit perfectly around the jar, it's off by about a half inch. I just cut a piece that matched the pattern and used transparent scotch tape and added that missing length onto the sleeve. If you can match the pattern with the cut piece the seam line is not as noticeable. You can see below that the polka dots is the jar where I was not able to match the dots on both sides of my added length. The left side is matched perfectly but the right side didn't match up good, but really it does not matter most people won't notice that they will just notice the cute little coozie that your candle jar is wearing. The strips are cut to 3-1/4 inches wide, this covers the outside and keeps the paper just below the mouth of the jar.

The cool thing about these covers is that you can get scrapbook paper to match the season or the d├ęcor in your room and they are not permanent. If you get tired of looking at a pattern just toss it and cut a new strip.  Keep an eye out for 50% off sales on scrapbook paper to keep the cost at a minimum, though a $.59 sheet isn't expensive, getting it at 50% is much much sweeter. If you want a permanent cover you can decoupage it onto the outside of the jar but be careful to not get too close to the mouth of the jar.

The B&BW jars are my favorite for this because the silver lids look great and you don't know its a candle jar when they are covered. The bigger jars from Gold Canyon and Yankee Candles will require a larger add in length to cover the diameter of the jar and a wider strip due to the added length.



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