Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Candle Jar Coozies

Fall is descending upon us and this time of year I like lots of candles. I like candles year round but especially in colder months because it makes a room seem warmer and smell good.
I have a couple brands I like the best: Gold Canyon and Bath and Body Works. Both have strong scents. Gold Canyon is my favorite, I love fresh orange and ginger lime but these are sold by consultants so they are not readily accessible in a store. The ability to walk into Bath and Body Works and pick a candle is wonderful. But what I don't like about B&BW is that the scents are changed WAAAAYYY too much. I like certain scents and want to know I can get them year round, another reason why I love Gold Canyon so much.
I like to have the candles but don't care for the stickers on the front of the jars. For B&BW or White Barn jars I like to take a piece of scrap paper and make a sleeve to fit around the outside of the jar. 

The paper does not fit perfectly around the jar, it's off by about a half inch. I just cut a piece that matched the pattern and used transparent scotch tape and added that missing length onto the sleeve. If you can match the pattern with the cut piece the seam line is not as noticeable. You can see below that the polka dots is the jar where I was not able to match the dots on both sides of my added length. The left side is matched perfectly but the right side didn't match up good, but really it does not matter most people won't notice that they will just notice the cute little coozie that your candle jar is wearing. The strips are cut to 3-1/4 inches wide, this covers the outside and keeps the paper just below the mouth of the jar.

The cool thing about these covers is that you can get scrapbook paper to match the season or the d├ęcor in your room and they are not permanent. If you get tired of looking at a pattern just toss it and cut a new strip.  Keep an eye out for 50% off sales on scrapbook paper to keep the cost at a minimum, though a $.59 sheet isn't expensive, getting it at 50% is much much sweeter. If you want a permanent cover you can decoupage it onto the outside of the jar but be careful to not get too close to the mouth of the jar.

The B&BW jars are my favorite for this because the silver lids look great and you don't know its a candle jar when they are covered. The bigger jars from Gold Canyon and Yankee Candles will require a larger add in length to cover the diameter of the jar and a wider strip due to the added length.



Monday, September 16, 2013

First Floor Half Bath - Finished!

Geez, I cannot believe my last post was over a week ago! Guess the holiday weekend has slowed me down.

We have been busy though. I have been away from here because I need to repaint all my baseboards and it has been a task, in the process of this I have been repainting all the doors too as well as all the door knobs.

One long outstanding project has been finishing our first floor half bath. The room has been in limbo for over a year and a half because it needed baseboards (let's be honest it's been in limbo for 10 years). Well, finally after all this time the baseboards are up! WooHoo!

We replaced the original baseboards with wider solid wood planks. I think the wide planks look so much better. All the trim in our house is white so we stuck with white trim.

This bathroom originally had a pedestal sink, so it fit in with the home's no storage theme. I wanted a vanity but the builder bought the pedestal because they thought it was more desirable. After years of hating that sink we finally got a new vanity with storage and gave away the pedestal and matching mirror. The walls were top half white bottom half dark blue.

When we re-did the room I wanted the color to be soothing, a spa-like blue. The massage clinic I went to had these calm blue walls and I loved the color. The new vanity came from Lowes, I love the rich brown color and the soft close hinges. We got the matching mirror and wall cabinet.

The floor was builder basic vinyl flooring, and it had to go!! We went with a simple porcelain tile and chose a grey grout. the darker grey was chosen to contrast with the grey that is in the tile. Once we got the floors installed, painting the walls and installing the cabinet, vanity and mirror was fast and easy. BUT, the problem was the lack of baseboards and I had a picture that needed hung.

Getting the baseboards in has really changed this room, the room seems deeper now and if the illusion of more space is how I get a bigger bathroom, then I will take it. I had a museum print, The Seashells by James Ensor that I bought in 2004 has been sitting wrapped in plastic on the toilet tank since 2004.

I bought a simple white frame at Hobby Lobby last week it was on sale 50%, so for $15.00 I loved it. I was worried about how the white frame would look against the dark furniture, but once I hung it I really love it. The picture frame was hung using my favorite, 3M Command picture hanging strips.

The last task I had was to touch up the new baseboards and repaint the door, I used Valspar primer and paint in one in the bright white, in semi-gloss finish.




Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pillow Covers - Nicole Italian Brown Ogee Pattern

Yep more pillow covers! I still have one more fabric to go (Premier Prints Twill Gotcha Corn Yellow) and I have all fabrics I bought for pillow covers used. Geez, I have had these laying around since June! Glad that I am making some progress. The left over fabric will be hung for later use.

These are Premier Prints Nicole Drew Italian Brown. They are stunning, hands down my favorite. My couch is a grey-brown color more grey than brown but still you can see the brown. I made two 18 inch deep pocket envelope covers. I was thinking they would look just ok on my couch but I love them on this couch. Now to buy or make some new curtains and repaint the room and get a new chair, mine is looking gnarly but it is over 20 years old. These covers will be on my couch for a while, can't see me getting tired of these anytime soon.

Sorry, not the greatest pictures, I took them with my new phone! (exciting for me) I have temporarily misplaced the 2 SD cards for my big camera :-)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bath and Body Works- Fall Candles

Happy September!

I have to admit that I am starting to get in the mood for autumn, but I have not gotten anything out yet, maybe this coming weekend!

Bath and Body Works has recently switched over to their fall line of candles and candle holders. I saw some very cute stuff.

I got 2 candles while they had their 2 for $22 sale last week. I chose the blueberry pumpkin and the pumpkin caramel latte. Both smell great!  For those who like the black cherry merlot, it's in stock, get it while they have it!

Finally, I bought a oil diffuser, it's a little cream color pumpkin tea light holder and the oil is dropped into the ring that is around the stem. I bought the Caribbean Escape oil, I am still holding onto summer a little bit.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pier One Has Declared It's Fall - LED Fall Globe - Owl Tea Light Holder - Turkey Candle Jar Wrap

Ok, I am exaggerating a little bit, Pier One didn't declare it's fall but they have put out some of their fall decor. When I was there Friday, they were stocking the displays with some cute stuff.


$6.95 (they have a bigger size for $16.00)


This baby lights up solid amber or changing multiple fall themed colors