Saturday, August 3, 2013

Rehab Lanterns

Hello Happy August!

First I want to wish my nephew Victor a very happy 16th birthday! I cannot believe he is 16.

Also, I cannot believe we are already in August! I am trying hard to complete all our summer projects, but darn it if it won't stop raining here!  I did spend some time today staining a little on our deck, but we still have 2 small sections left to get. My goal is to get it finished tomorrow! I still have the kids play set to stain, plus several other must have projects that we have not been able to address because of all the rain this summer!

I have not posted in the past week. I have been busy with other things but did take pictures of everything I did.

These little lanterns were a wedding present from one of my oldest friends, Courtney. They were on my deck and have been used since 2000. My kids in the past few years have gotten a hold of them and one disappeared. In June when we first started staining our deck, I found the missing lantern thrown off the side of the pool deck and smashed under the basketball hoop's weighted bottom. Next I dug out the 2 stands and the other lantern from the deck boxes.

Because these were so rusty and because lantern #2 was smashed I almost threw these in the trash. But, something in me decided I should save at least lantern #1, and I decided to try to reshape lantern#2. It took about an hour and there was interruption from the hummingbird moth, but I did reshape the lantern pretty good and I decided to sand and paint it and see if it turned out or not.

Both lanterns were sanded and repainted with spray paint. Both lanterns had some broken glass and both were missing the bottom piece that held the tea light candle. I bought a piece of aluminum sheeting from Hobby Lobby in the Union Jack pattern and cut out piece to match the glass, I cut an additional smaller piece per lantern to use in place of the bottom piece for the tea light to sit on.

I scrubbed the good pieces of glass to remove dirt and rust spots. Then I alternated the aluminum sheets and the glass in the lanterns. I chose to paint the lanterns a bright yellow (I used Krylon Gloss in Sun Yellow).

I was pleased with how these turned out. Lantern #2 is still a little mis-shapen but you really cannot tell it unless you know about it. It is also missing the little wire that it hangs from but each lantern has a loop at the top, so until I can find a suitable wire to use as a replacement, I have a work-around.

I think I actually like these more now that they are yellow and have the aluminum sheets in the windows, than when they were brand new.



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