Monday, August 26, 2013

Part 3 - Cleaning My Drawers! - Junk Drawer #2


Recently I showed you the clean out and swap of my silverware and junk drawer #1. I also cleaned out junk drawer #2, but did not put anything in it except paper plates. While looking for a cord recently I opened that drawer and found all kinds of tools and cords and paper dumped back in it. I will say I was not the culprit, I am trying to clean out the junk not continue to pile it up.

This put me back on course to finish this drawer. I decided that cup lids that have been in a basket on the counter the past 10 years has to go, the bag of bag clips dumped in the drawer also needed a home, the many ipod and phone chargers needed a spot, as well as the new can koozies that followed Tim home Saturday night. After all that I still had some room, we use a lot of ziploc bags so both the sandwich and freezer bags needed to be relocated from the pantry to the drawer.

A standard purchased drawer organizer was not going to work so I decided to make my own compartments with boxes and cover them with duct tape. The duct tape has 2 purposes; strengthen/protect the box and to make them look like they're nice containers rather than cheezit, cereal, Ziploc,  and pop-tart boxes.

Cheez-It box

I had quite a bit of duct tape on hand so I used four different types to cover the boxes.  I will be honest and tell you this took a few hours. The tape is very sticky and was gunking up my scissors so I had to wash them after every box, plus I was being very careful to make sure the tape was placed just right and was not wrinkled.

I love the change and like that we have a home for iPod chargers now.  Having the ziplocs in the drawer is amazing because storing them in the pantry was inconvenient and took up needed space. The best part was getting the ugly basket of lids off the counter, my eyes are still adjusting to the change, the counter looks bare now.

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