Monday, August 5, 2013

New Pillow Covers!

In the past few months I have rehab fixed a couple pillows, and made 2 different kinds of aqua colored pillows. My BIG mistake was making pillows! I didn't even consider making pillow covers.

Several weeks ago while staring at fabric on Ebay, I noticed some pillow covers being sold by festive Home Décor (an Etsy shop) and a few other sellers. So I checked out Festive Home Décor and loved so many of the pillows and fabrics. I look the fabric names and did a search engine query to see what might return. was what I found.

I got this Swavelle/Mill Creek  red indoor/outdoor Drammen Firebird fabric on clearance for $4.49 a yard and they only had 1 yard left. I also got 3 other fabrics that I plan to make pillow covers out of. My purchase was also with free shipping! So all I have left to buy are pillow forms, which I will get with a 40% off coupon if I cannot get them on a 50% sale at Joann's or Hobby Lobby.


I made the envelope pillow covers with a deep opening so it is not very noticeable. I also did the envelope pillow because it is the fastest way to sew a cover. I may try the hidden zipper in some of the other fabrics I bought.




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