Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Maroon 5 Concert!!!

I took the pic into the mirror!! Sorry it's backward :-)
Anyone who knows anything about what I like knows that I love a few bands, one being Maroon 5. I am an old school fan (aka pre- The Voice and pre- It won't be soon before long). I have all the albums and know all the songs. Kelly Clarkson was also one of the performers and she was amazing! Kelly Clarkson was beautiful and her voice was spectacular.

We went to a small outdoor concert center in Cincinnati, it has a small pavilion and a small lawn area. Well I wanted pavilion seats but the day tickets were sold to the masses, all the pavilion seats were gone from the pre-sale. But that was ok, the lawn was just fine.

Lawn crowd to my right
I have to say that Adam Levine sounded so good, I was really surprised. I knew what to expect of Kelly Clarkson because I watched American Idol, but Adam Levine I have only seen a few performances on tv, but he sounded better I think in person.

They played a great selection of their songs old and new. We had a great time, it was so fun on the lawn. I was shocked over how many people were there, it was crazy! We were packed like sardines on that lawn.

Lawn crowd to my left

My friend Jen and I we cracking up over this little boy sitting next to us on his little NeHi Ki-Lan (did I just butcher the spelling?) blanket. He didn't want anyone stepping on it and was staring down everyone walking toward him.

Normally I don't buy t-shirts at concerts but I had to for this one, I bought the cutest shirt they had which was a navy blue racer back with the funky pink, yellow, and white bubble letters.

Lawn crowd and Pavillion in front of me

6 of us went. I know I only posted 3 of us, but I don't know the other lady and don't want to post her pic without her permission and the other 2 are 16 and 17 (my niece and family friend's daughter) and I don't want to post their pics either without their parent's permission.

L to R: Andie, Jen, and me

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