Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fast Dinner: Morningstar Farms Chicken Patties

I have mentioned in previous posts that I stopped eating a meat based diet in December. That was not a difficult decision but I will be honest that it can be hard to get things together for meals, especially when it is an activity night. I understand why many people who switch to a vegetarian diet gain weight, fast and easy meals can turn into eating carb heavy/calorie laden foods and just bad foods!

Morningstar Farms has some delicious alternatives. I made a faux McChicken sandwich with apple slices and a fruit punch spark for dinner, this was a 5 minute meal. I heated the patty in the microwave according to package directions, used a hamburger bun (I know its white but it is what was on hand!), and a piece of romaine lettuce, and Hellman's light mayonnaise. Fast, easy, and tasty.

On a normal night I might like a serving of veggies, but on an activity night I need fast and easy, this is my alternative to the drive-thru!

What about the spark? By now most everyone has heard of Advocare, I have a few friends who have done the 24 day challenge (some several times) and the changes they made in exercise and diet have led to some astounding results. I don't want to spend almost $200 on supplements, but I was interested in the spark drink mix. My friends Allison and Brian (married couple) who have become an Advocare distributor, have not only lost a lot of weight but have overhauled their perspective and lifestyle because of their strong belief in the Advocare products.

I asked Allison about a month ago if I could buy a sample packet of the spark to taste it and to see if it really delivered on the energy. She was gracious and gave me 2 flavors to try. I liked the fruit punch and decided to buy the tub.

The reason I bought the spark is I have developed a like of diet Mt. Dew, the worst stuff to get hooked on. I want to stop drinking soda and decided that spark, which has a good amount of vitamins and minerals in it, was the best solution. The spark doesn't give me overpowering energy but I do notice that I don't feel tired at certain times of the day when I drink spark. I try to drink water the rest of the day and take daily multi-vitamins.

Give up meat at least 1 night a week! Drink some Spark you'll be happy that you tried something different.

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