Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Duct Tape Makeup Tray

Megan at Honey were Home recently posted a duct tape tray and mouse pad she made after seeing another blogger who used duct tape to decorate a picture frame. Megan and the other blogger used a very cool snake skin duct tape to complete their projects.

Here in the big OH, that snake skin tape is apparently a hot buy or is not sold because I cannot find it anywhere. My guess is we just don't have it here yet, shocker!

My daughter's room re-do has been underway so while I was in Walmart I decided to make her this same tray, but using a cute tape that she had begged me for a couple weeks earlier. I then got my eye on the gold duct tape and the solid purple. Yep, all 3 on one tray would be stellar! 

This was a simple project it took about 10 minutes to attach all the tape. Once it was all on, I brushed a light coat of decoupage glue over the whole thing to seal it a bit and add extra shine. Love this look, plus once she is tired of this style we can throw this out or give it away and made something else she likes.

I love the gold, in the package it looked a little iffy but I am glad I went for it, it is very shiny and pretty. I can't wait to make another duct tape project! I have been buying up the different patterns I like including a few holiday patterns so I can make some trays for cookies and other holiday themed projects.

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