Friday, August 23, 2013

Duck Tape Brand Gold Picture Frame

Yes it says Duck and not Duct in the post title, but that is the brand Duck Brand.

So I realized I don't have a before pic of the frame, I have others so I may add the before later today. It is a wooden frame from Michaels that was like $2-3 dollars before the 40% coupon, (I bought these like in December, so I don't remember exactly what I paid).

Originally I was going to decoupage these (and I did on one of them, that post still to come)but the duct tape was calling me out. The gold tape is really pretty and shiny even though it does not appear so in the packaging.

I took about 15-20 minutes to carefully cover the frame. I even removed a piece that looked bad and replaced it. I think I still have some fixing to do now that it was been a few weeks and the tape settled some.

This frame is very pretty, gold, and shiny. The tape has a natural texture to it so it has little waves in it. If you don't know it is duct tape you really cannot tell in person. It's in my room for now, it may end up in my home office at some point.

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