Sunday, August 4, 2013

Clearance Find - Home Goods

Home Goods is a store that I LOVE, but there is not one near me. The closest Home Goods is a 40 minute drive (in one direction) So for almost 2 hours round trip it is not a store I get to very often. Every time I visit this store I find lamps I love and they always have 1 left, never 2, but one!!! I found beautiful aqua lamps last month but only one. I wanted that lamp so bad but it wasn't worth it when I would need 2 of them.

There is good news though, Home Goods is building a store 3 minutes from my office and about 12 minutes from my house. I am practically salivating as I see the progression of the construction. This new store is supposed to open in September, I am so excited, and will be there opening day. Can't wait to be able to hit Home Goods everyday if I want to.

This last visit to Home Goods I scored some nice stuff most on clearance. One of the silver frames was regular price $5, I already have 1 and wanted another one. The other frame was missing the glass so it was $2 on clearance, I will buy a $1 frame at either Walmart or the Dollar Tree for the glass.

The tray I thought was ugly but it was like $4 (really it's not bad, the bottom is pretty cool, it's the pink sides I don't like). I will repaint that light pink a better color and will use fabric or paper covered with plexi-glass to get year round use of this large tray. The mason jar soaps were not on sale but were $5-6 per jar I thought that was not bad and it prevents me from trying to make one of these jars myself.

Finally as I was paying for my stuff, I noticed the little ceramic pear looking sad and lonely, I got it for $13, not a sale price but I think once I re-do my home office it will be so cute on the desk or on a shelf.

Have you found any good Home Goods buys lately?



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