Friday, July 26, 2013

Tween Room Curtains

Yesterday I posted a tease of the very cute and very tween-centric fabric I used to make the new curtains in my daughter's bedroom.  While the curtains are finally finished I am FAR from finished in her room.

The curtains started to feel like a project that was never going to end. First Hobby Lobby kept telling me that they would order me more of the fabric, every week I went in and no fabric. After 5 weeks of getting the run around and no customer service or fabric, I decided I was going to order it online from their website. Within a few days I had my fabric and was ready to finish the remaining 2 panels.

I tried to match the pattern on the 4 panels so it was running similar on each of the panels. I then folded and ironed the top, bottom and sides and then pinned the drapery liner in place. From that I sewed each side, the top and then the bottom. 

The curtain rods were a $6.47 per rod clearance find at Hobby Lobby. Anyone that knows my daughter knows that she LOVES peace signs. She was with me when we discovered these little gems and put them right into the cart without hesitation.

If you look at the window over the desk you will notice that the peace sign finial near the wall is not there. I used the existing screw holes from her old rods to hang the new and the way her window sits so close to the wall did not allow for that big peace sign. I took it off and pushed the rod against the wall. It's not that noticeable at all. It's not my favorite design choice to have the window that close to the adjacent wall but I can't change it.

My mom is helping me be on the lookout for a solid color comforter (purple was my daughter's first and only choice) and I am going to find a cute coordinating colored bedskirt to contrast against the comforter. Then we have to frame her posters and hang the clearance find peace signs. And we may be done with the exception of little things here and there.

The wall color I was ready to change but my daughter says she loves it and does not want to change it, so for now we stay light purple. We'll see though she might change her mind and if she doesn't I will freshen it up with a new coat of the same color.


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