Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Support Your Local Farmer

I have a little old farmer, who I just adore, that brings his harvest from door to door to sell. I like to think I am his favorite stop (I better be!). He sells the best veggies. This trip he had no tomatoes (soon he says) but I did get quite a bounty of green vegetables. 

This trip I scored 63 cucumbers, 6 giant zucchini (I know there are only 5 in the picture we gave 1 to our neighbor), 2 pecks (?) of green beans, and 7 green bell peppers.

I appreciate these veggies because I didn't grow my own garden this year, but even if I had grown my own garden I still would have bought this from my farmer. We gave 3 zucchini away, I have used 1 zucchini to make a bunch of zucchini-banana bread, and we cooked up all the green beans. I am using 12lbs of cucumbers making Trisha Yearwood's 6 week pickles (I have them soaking in vinegar now!) and I used 11lbs to can dill pickles last night. The rest of the cucumbers I will eat in salad and give to my lovely co-workers to enjoy. The remaining 2 zucchinis... well they're mine to cook and eat this week. 

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