Thursday, July 18, 2013

Patio Conversation Set and Outdoor Rug- Home Depot/Lowes

I had an old table set that I had repainted and bought new seats for the chairs. I was very happy with it and loved the new look. Last summer a daytime storm literally blew threw and because my umbrella was not all the way down, the wind got under the umbrella and picked up the umbrella and table and threw them over breaking the umbrella and shattering the glass tabletop.

We didn't bother with trying to replace the table last year but we did look at some possible table sets we could buy. This summer my focus has been on fixing up my deck, after all it is our outside room. But I just wasn't sure what to do. The Mr. said he would like a couch and chairs and I heard him but I was visualizing the deck set up differently because I had a new table set on my brain.

Because we already had the round composite tableset I decided that a conversation set would be a good alternative to another large table set. I looked at many stores, sat on many displays, and read a lot of reviews. I found many to be hard as a rock, uncomfortable, or not deep set for us taller people. Home Depot had some nice sets but many were on back order, so I decided to wait for end of season.
Out of all the sets I looked at the Martha Stewart Cedar Island set was my favorite. I was wanting blue or taupe cushions. The week after July 4th I noticed this set was back ordered and no longer sold online and all cushion colors were no longer available. Panic would be a good description of what went through me. I called and visited several Home Depots and none had the set. I decided to drop by the small and hidden Home Depot near my house after work to see if they still had the set and they did! I bought it and hauled it home.

The set has the red dragon fruit cushions  and because I had just bought the red table set from Walmart for my pool deck I was ok with this being red too. I had 2 round tables that matched but I had to buy a rug. I found the 5x7 New Haven patio rug at Lowes for $58 but I had a $10 off coupon. I have also been finding accessories at Ikea, and clearance items at Michael's and Hobby Lobby.

I still have some work to do like scrubbing the deck floor, taking that white lattice off    the gate, and adding something interesting  to the brick wall. Plus we are trying to finish re-staining the deck. Still lots of outside projects to do before end of summer. Hopefully I will get to relax on my new loveseat!

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