Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Part 2 - Cleaning My Drawers! -- Junk Drawer #1


Yesterday I showed you my new silverware drawer. This change required me swapping my silverware and junk drawer #1 around. This move places my silverware next to the dishwasher and next to the drawers holding my big spoons. My junk drawer is being moved next to the oven and trash can.

This drawer is embarrassing to show, but its more embarrassing when we have people over and the guests always go to that drawer and open it thinking its a silverware drawer.

This was a purge, lots of trash in that drawer, plus it is amazing how much of that drawer had tools that belong in the garage!!  Hummm, wonder who put those in there and not in the garage after using them??? 

This container also from The Container Store cost less than $20. It is 2 tier so you can store a lot of "stuff" in the small space. I am hoping this will help control the amount of junk we keep.

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