Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Part 1 - Cleaning My Drawers! --- Silverware Drawer

My kitchen! Aaahhh my kitchen.

I have mentioned before that closets, and drawers are my weakness. They hide all sort of messes. I have been on a mission to get them organized.

Our 10 year plan was to re-do our kitchen and the flooring on our 1st floor. This is year ten, but after a health emergency in my household in late 2011, we were left with some substantial hospital bills and we decided that the flooring and kitchen should wait until we get those bills paid off so the kitchen and flooring are on hold this year.

This does not excuse the mess. We have 3 drawers that are junk drawers, who needs 3 junk drawers! that is 3 drawers of space we lose. So I decided it was time to move my silverware drawer over to the top junk drawer and the top junk drawer over to the silverware drawer.

So Part 1 is the clean out of the silverware drawer. This moves the drawer over by the dishwasher and directly under the cabinet that hold the dishes, it makes sense. My issue with this drawer is the size was too small, the silverware tray was sitting on top of all kinds of stuff and it made finding things difficult.

Part 2 will be moving Junk Drawer #1 over to the small silverware drawer. Part #3 and #4 will be clearing out the 2 other junk drawers.

The drawer organizer comes from the container store if you are interested in this, I don't remember the cost but it was less than $20.

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