Sunday, July 14, 2013

Target Notebooks

Oh what a CRAZY weekend I have had! I did get to run to Target with my lovely daughter to buy 2 birthday presents on Friday night and I had to take a quick stroll down the paper goods aisle. Here is what I found, so cute! I love the blue and gray pattern on the bigger notebook and the gold stripes on the smaller note book, I seriously love, not sure if I will ever use this notebook, kidding!

I did have to stop myself after 2 notebooks. I love paper... always have and I have tons of paper in my house and at my desk at work. Not sure I needed these but I just liked them so much. My sister when we were very little called me a paper freak because I ate paper, but I think I may still be a bit of a paper freak (I just don't eat it anymore).

Did I get anything else done this weekend? Well I bought a new 4 piece conversation set and an outdoor rug and got it almost set up on my deck, took my kiddos to their golf lessons Saturday morning, then attended a kid's birthday party at Kings Island (a local amusement park) from 3pm-until I got home at 12am!, and Sunday was spent cleaning house, working on my daughter's bedroom curtains (half done!), and making green beans, canning pickles, and making zucchini bread. Last paying a visit to my good friend Jen who lives3 doors down. What didn't I get finished...weeell my daughter's bedroom curtains, no new posts here, didn't completely get my deck set up, didn't get to help finish staining the deck, didn't get to replace 2 plants that died, and didn't get to finish working on my junk drawer clean out project (that's still to come this week). But I did get 2 pretty notebooks :-)

If you need a cute notebook check out Target they had some very cute designs, I paid $3.99 per notebook.

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