Friday, July 5, 2013

End of Summer Clerance Finds -- Walmart

Hope you all had a great July 4th! Here in the OH, it has rained for the past month, yesterday was cold and it rained the entire day.
I was wondering around last weekend and decided to drop in Walmart to look for a liner for a flower pot I bought from Lowe's. While I did not find the liner I did discover all patio sets on clearance.

I have been wanting a small table set for my pool deck and since our big patio table was a victim of the wind last year we are needing another table pretty bad.

I found this Better Homes and Garden set on clearance for $148 and the umbrella on clearance for $35. They only had the display and 2 sets left so I bought it without consulting the Mr. for his opinion of the set. (He likes it). We put the set together in about 20 minutes, it was very simple. The color is bright red and cheerful.

I wanted blue but I do like the red, it will work! We are looking at conversation sets too for our big upper deck to replace the table that the wind got, the one we are looking at comes in red (amongst other colors) so I think it will work together nicely!

Sorry no pics of it on the deck but until the rain lets up this set will stay in the garage. Hope you're finding good end of summer deals!

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