Sunday, July 7, 2013

Clearance Finds -- Lowes

Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend! Ours was all rain until today, and now it is sunny and warm out. Hope it stays like this I need to get my deck stained the rest of the way!

On my front porch I have been wanting some ferns, so off I went to Lowes and Walmart last weekend and neither one had any ferns. Bummer. I did find the clearance rack for house and patio plants at Lowes and bought 2 Dracaena Marginata plants for $2.00 each! 

I looked at these plants from top to bottom trying to figure out what was wrong but they looked healthy. I asked an employee and was told that when they get too many sent to them they clearance them out. Score!

I also needed pots to plant these in and I really wanted a white pot, I thought it would be the best choice because these plants will come in during the winter months. But Lowe's didn't have what I needed, so I settled for these red bamboo pot that were clearance for $8.97.

After I got home I pulled the 2 pots apart and that's when I found the sticker inside the bottom pot saying these are indoor use only AND requires a liner. I went back to Lowe's but no liners that would work and then went to Walmart and found the white plastic pots I liked for $12. So the red pots are going to be returned to Lowe's.

I wish I had bought a couple more of the plants on clearance, my deck needs some plants too! But I heard that Walmart got some ferns in this week, so I will probably be heading over there this week to get the ferns.



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