Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Flip-Flop Wreath

Happy Father's Day! Hope everyone has a great day. I have literally taken it easy today, something I rarely get to do. The past few weeks have been crazy at both work and home. Me and the kids took a 2 day trip to grandma's house in Columbus because I had a work industry conference. In addition to that work has been crazy as we released a new tool to work from. And as my daughter's dance year wraps up, the first half of June is nothing but work 8-5 and then dance the remainder of the night until 9-10pm 3-4 days during the week. Last night was our dance recital, so the summer is now started! Woo-Hoo!

I like making wreaths, I don't have like a closet crammed full of them though, but as I hopefully get more time at home now that things like I am done with school, no more cheerleading, and now dance is stalled for the summer, maybe just maybe I can do things like make cute wreaths for my house.

This wreath I made because I wanted something fun, summery (is this a real word?), and laid back. It's not my grandest creation but I like it and that is all that matters. When I decided I would make a wreath I ran and bought 20 pairs of Dollar Store flops and already had the wreath form, I consulted with Pinterest to see what was out there (I am realistic that someone else thought of the flip-flop wreath before me), but nothing I loved was there. I just wanted mine to have flip-flops on it, not bows or ribbons or flowers. So I laid it out and snapped a pic for reference.

My glue gun, was instrumental to making my wreath. I glued on the shoe and held it in place until it was steady, the second layer was easier and faster because I just glued the shoe to the first layer of shoes, so no holding the second layer steady.

The wreath is heavy, my magnetic wreath holder that's on my door could not handle the weight, so I took some aqua ribbon and attached it to the door opening doo-hickey inside the door. Yes I do realize the hole in the wreath isn't perfect but it fits my laid back flip-flop wreath theme. Everyone that comes to my door asks if I made it and how and say that they love it. (Yeah I know my door is covered in little fingerprints!)

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