Monday, June 24, 2013

Starburst Mirror via The Nester

I was out clicking around some of my favorite blogs one cold fall day last year and came across on The Nester's blog. I was wowed by this starburst, and set out to Pinterest to see if others had tried to make it and viola...Pinterest never lets me down.

I counted how many rays total were on the wreath and then how many on each layer. I bought 3 or 4 sheets of posterboad for .30cents each at Walmart and a $10 yellow framed mirror from Hobby Lobby. I painted the mirror frame charcoal grey with acrylic craft paint and used the paper towel template idea from The Nester's blog. I wasted several sheets of paper towel until I found the ray shape I like the best.

A combination of gorilla glue and glue gun glue were used to build the starburst. Each ray is slightly bent in the middle to shape the ray. How did I hang it you ask?  I used my favorite product....3M picture hanging strips, I got the ones that hold up to 16 pounds. It's like 2 Velcro strips that have sticky backs to stick to the wall and the starburst and then you Velcro the strips together. Its been hanging for 7-8 months with no issues.

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