Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Painted Entryway, Halls, & Stairwell

So I am reverting back to December. Our entry way has some high ceiling areas going up the stairs. We have said every year we are going to hire a painter to get that area finished but we have never done it. I got the itch to get it done last year, but we have this big window that was covered with sheer panels. My kids love to pull on and twist in the curtains. They literally pulled out the screws and tore the drywall up on this window.

I love plantation shutters, so I had Budget Blinds come out and give me an estimate to cover the 3 windows. I have a plantation in my master bath, on my 2 living room windows, and covering my 3 basement windows. They run about $400 per window and the big triple window upstairs was no exception. Needless to say it took my painting budget, bummer.  Once the plantation was up, I decided to touch up my downstairs hall to match my living room paint and then I did the upstairs hall, what I had not done was the 2 walls with the high ceilings.

I pulled up my big girl panties one day and started rolling the 2 walls and it looked bad with only part of the wall painted. We borrowed a friends big ladder and I was on a mission to get the 2 high walls painted on the cheap.


It scared the crap outta me getting up on the 2nd to top rung of the ladder but I did it! Yea! The walls look so much better now. I still have to touch up all the base boards to finish the job. It's been too long since I painted the walls but I hope to get the baseboards finished by August.

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