Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pencil Cup Upgrade

Happy Thursday!

I have the Brocade Pencil Cup from the Container Store. It's very pretty and very white. I decided it needed some color. The cup has a little lip on the top and bottom and I was thinking a little touch of another color would be perfect. I was trying to decide on a color but I decided to go with silver. I know it's a safe color.  I was thinking gold would be nice or yellow or aqua but I thought silver would be a color I would not get tired of.

I taped off the inside under the lip and taped off the main part of the cup in between the top and bottom lip. I took the cup to my garage and got to work.  I like how it turned out, but I have to admit my first thought was it looks like soup can now.

I may use it as a pencil cup or I may use it as a tealight candle holder.  Either way it will be pretty and will work in any room and at any time of year.

Did you notice my little box on my console table?  It's Christmas themed! LOL I didn't even notice I left it out! I think I need to add putting this away on my weekend TO DO list of chores.


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