Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Not Feeling the LOVE

Ugh! I was so happy with my LOVE wall!

I made the big mistake of unplugging one of my Glade plug ins so I could plug in my vacuum and I laid it on its side. As I was sweeping I reached up with my 2 fingers and touched the wall when I moved my fingers there was an oily mark where my finger had been. I didn't even know the oil was on my hands! I ran and washed my hands and then tried to wipe down the wall but it was too late, the oil had congealed the paint and left the 2 dark marks!

So the moral of the story is to never lay the Glade plug in on its side and if you get it on your hands don't touch anything!  (Also in another incident I learned to NEVER put sunscreen on wood, it will eat the finish!) I plan to attempt touching the wall up, soon.

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