Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nature in My Yard - Hummingbird Moth

I was outside working on a project Monday night and as it started getting dark I noticed a bizarre looking bug that resembled a hummingbird feasting on my flowers. I was thinking it looked like a tiny dragon with antennae, so creepy.  It's little wings were fluttering as fast as a hummingbird's but it didn't quite looking like a hummingbird and was a bit smaller.

Being completely creeped out by the bug I decided to give it a little karate kick, buggy didn't like that and darted at me several times sending me running away screaming. But it went back to its assault on my flower pot and I went back to stalking it. 


I decided to grab my camera and try to take a few pictures to see if they would turn out. I got 4 pictures and they all turned out. I really did not expect the wings to turn out or to be clear but they are pretty good. My camera is a Canon EOS 60D and I took these using the automatic setting. After 4 pictures and 4 flashes the bug decided it had enough and started darting around the garage and at me, again I ran away screeching.

I did a quick search on yahoo on "insect that looks like a hummingbird" and there it was, a White Lined Sphinx - hummingbird moth.  Fascinating but still a little creeped out, I itched for the rest of the night. Have you noticed anything new buzzing or crawling around your yard lately?


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