Friday, June 28, 2013

Gold Baked Vase

I have a lot of glass vases around my house. I have given at least 7 to Goodwill in the last year. I only need so many clear glass vases, however after doing this project I wish I had kept a couple of those vases. Painting glass with acrylic paint and baking the vessel is a popular way to customize a clear glass vessel. 

I dug out a small bud vase that I was not attached to. The glass has a subtle swirl pattern on it which is pretty but didn't stand out too much. I decided to brush gold paint on the vase in stripes following the pattern on the vase. I kept the paint light so it was not very dark.

I baked the vase on a baking sheet for 30 minutes, do not preheat the oven. Completely cool the object.

This should set the paint and you will be able to wash the vessel by hand or in the dishwasher.

This was a cheap project to do quickly in the evening after work. I like that I didn't have to buy anything for this project. If you would have to buy the needed supplies a bottle of craft paint and a dollar store vase will cost you between $2-3.
Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pencil Cup Upgrade

Happy Thursday!

I have the Brocade Pencil Cup from the Container Store. It's very pretty and very white. I decided it needed some color. The cup has a little lip on the top and bottom and I was thinking a little touch of another color would be perfect. I was trying to decide on a color but I decided to go with silver. I know it's a safe color.  I was thinking gold would be nice or yellow or aqua but I thought silver would be a color I would not get tired of.

I taped off the inside under the lip and taped off the main part of the cup in between the top and bottom lip. I took the cup to my garage and got to work.  I like how it turned out, but I have to admit my first thought was it looks like soup can now.

I may use it as a pencil cup or I may use it as a tealight candle holder.  Either way it will be pretty and will work in any room and at any time of year.

Did you notice my little box on my console table?  It's Christmas themed! LOL I didn't even notice I left it out! I think I need to add putting this away on my weekend TO DO list of chores.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nature in My Yard - Hummingbird Moth

I was outside working on a project Monday night and as it started getting dark I noticed a bizarre looking bug that resembled a hummingbird feasting on my flowers. I was thinking it looked like a tiny dragon with antennae, so creepy.  It's little wings were fluttering as fast as a hummingbird's but it didn't quite looking like a hummingbird and was a bit smaller.

Being completely creeped out by the bug I decided to give it a little karate kick, buggy didn't like that and darted at me several times sending me running away screaming. But it went back to its assault on my flower pot and I went back to stalking it. 


I decided to grab my camera and try to take a few pictures to see if they would turn out. I got 4 pictures and they all turned out. I really did not expect the wings to turn out or to be clear but they are pretty good. My camera is a Canon EOS 60D and I took these using the automatic setting. After 4 pictures and 4 flashes the bug decided it had enough and started darting around the garage and at me, again I ran away screeching.

I did a quick search on yahoo on "insect that looks like a hummingbird" and there it was, a White Lined Sphinx - hummingbird moth.  Fascinating but still a little creeped out, I itched for the rest of the night. Have you noticed anything new buzzing or crawling around your yard lately?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Painted Entryway, Halls, & Stairwell

So I am reverting back to December. Our entry way has some high ceiling areas going up the stairs. We have said every year we are going to hire a painter to get that area finished but we have never done it. I got the itch to get it done last year, but we have this big window that was covered with sheer panels. My kids love to pull on and twist in the curtains. They literally pulled out the screws and tore the drywall up on this window.

I love plantation shutters, so I had Budget Blinds come out and give me an estimate to cover the 3 windows. I have a plantation in my master bath, on my 2 living room windows, and covering my 3 basement windows. They run about $400 per window and the big triple window upstairs was no exception. Needless to say it took my painting budget, bummer.  Once the plantation was up, I decided to touch up my downstairs hall to match my living room paint and then I did the upstairs hall, what I had not done was the 2 walls with the high ceilings.

I pulled up my big girl panties one day and started rolling the 2 walls and it looked bad with only part of the wall painted. We borrowed a friends big ladder and I was on a mission to get the 2 high walls painted on the cheap.


It scared the crap outta me getting up on the 2nd to top rung of the ladder but I did it! Yea! The walls look so much better now. I still have to touch up all the base boards to finish the job. It's been too long since I painted the walls but I hope to get the baseboards finished by August.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Starburst Mirror via The Nester

I was out clicking around some of my favorite blogs one cold fall day last year and came across on The Nester's blog. I was wowed by this starburst, and set out to Pinterest to see if others had tried to make it and viola...Pinterest never lets me down.

I counted how many rays total were on the wreath and then how many on each layer. I bought 3 or 4 sheets of posterboad for .30cents each at Walmart and a $10 yellow framed mirror from Hobby Lobby. I painted the mirror frame charcoal grey with acrylic craft paint and used the paper towel template idea from The Nester's blog. I wasted several sheets of paper towel until I found the ray shape I like the best.

A combination of gorilla glue and glue gun glue were used to build the starburst. Each ray is slightly bent in the middle to shape the ray. How did I hang it you ask?  I used my favorite product....3M picture hanging strips, I got the ones that hold up to 16 pounds. It's like 2 Velcro strips that have sticky backs to stick to the wall and the starburst and then you Velcro the strips together. Its been hanging for 7-8 months with no issues.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

American Girl Doll Storage


I posted pictures of 3 of the 4 Thirty-One bags I recently bought at a party. The one I did not show was the Oversized Storage Organizer. This bag is good for under the bed storage. I use these bags specifically to store 3 dolls per bag.

We keep all the boxes for the dolls because they are collectible. The boxes are good in these bags to help keep the bag steady.

I put the bottom box into the lid and then place the 3 boxes side-by-side for storage.

I bought the black and white pattern initially because I was worried the fabric patterns might change and that is exactly what happened, so I had to switch to the new pattern black and white fabric.

The dolls need to be kept stored out of sunlight and storing them helps to keep the dolls in better condition than sitting them on a shelf, the floor, or in the bed. These bag are great because I get to store the box under the bed and the doll too, this is a big space saver.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

My New 31 Bags

My wonderful friend Jennifer, had a 31 bags party recently. I have the oversize storage organizer already that we use to store 3 American Girl Dolls in under the bed. I wanted another to store 3 more dolls. I will post picture of those bags later.
I have never attended a party before this one, only a book party, so I had never seen the products in person besides the storage organizer I had bought from the book party. I loved the thermal bags, very cool and stylish. I loved the large utility tote too, and you can buy the cover for the large utility tote too.  I walked out with 4 new 31 bags and wanted to share. Just to add a disclaimer, I am not and never have been an employee of Thirty-one, just a fan of the products.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Not Feeling the LOVE

Ugh! I was so happy with my LOVE wall!

I made the big mistake of unplugging one of my Glade plug ins so I could plug in my vacuum and I laid it on its side. As I was sweeping I reached up with my 2 fingers and touched the wall when I moved my fingers there was an oily mark where my finger had been. I didn't even know the oil was on my hands! I ran and washed my hands and then tried to wipe down the wall but it was too late, the oil had congealed the paint and left the 2 dark marks!

So the moral of the story is to never lay the Glade plug in on its side and if you get it on your hands don't touch anything!  (Also in another incident I learned to NEVER put sunscreen on wood, it will eat the finish!) I plan to attempt touching the wall up, soon.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Possible Curtain Material for Little Girl's Room

No the curtains are not yet done. But we have narrowed our search to 3 different materials. We found some perfect curtain rods for her room on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $6 each! and we got these wooden pink peace signs for her walls on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $6 each!

I have 2 curtains ready to be sewed and I am waiting for Hobby Lobby to order and restock the material so I can buy the 6yds needed for the other 2 panels. I can't wait to reveal her curtains when I am finished.
Monday, June 17, 2013

clearance picture frame repair

Joann fabrics has a very small clearance section. I was walking through during lunch to look at fabrics and this clearance frame caught my eye. The frame was broken but I know that gorilla glue can fix anything so I bought the $2.00 frame.

I did use gorilla glue and E6000 to fix the frame and I pulled out the staples. Because the frame was damaged spray painting it was a must. I chose to paint it gold to match my LOVE art in the living room.

Easy to do and a cheap buy.

I think the brown is pretty but I want it to match my living room so I have to decide what color to paint the frame, I am thinking black or gold. Once I figure it out and finish it I will post my finished project. 
Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Flip-Flop Wreath

Happy Father's Day! Hope everyone has a great day. I have literally taken it easy today, something I rarely get to do. The past few weeks have been crazy at both work and home. Me and the kids took a 2 day trip to grandma's house in Columbus because I had a work industry conference. In addition to that work has been crazy as we released a new tool to work from. And as my daughter's dance year wraps up, the first half of June is nothing but work 8-5 and then dance the remainder of the night until 9-10pm 3-4 days during the week. Last night was our dance recital, so the summer is now started! Woo-Hoo!

I like making wreaths, I don't have like a closet crammed full of them though, but as I hopefully get more time at home now that things like I am done with school, no more cheerleading, and now dance is stalled for the summer, maybe just maybe I can do things like make cute wreaths for my house.

This wreath I made because I wanted something fun, summery (is this a real word?), and laid back. It's not my grandest creation but I like it and that is all that matters. When I decided I would make a wreath I ran and bought 20 pairs of Dollar Store flops and already had the wreath form, I consulted with Pinterest to see what was out there (I am realistic that someone else thought of the flip-flop wreath before me), but nothing I loved was there. I just wanted mine to have flip-flops on it, not bows or ribbons or flowers. So I laid it out and snapped a pic for reference.

My glue gun, was instrumental to making my wreath. I glued on the shoe and held it in place until it was steady, the second layer was easier and faster because I just glued the shoe to the first layer of shoes, so no holding the second layer steady.

The wreath is heavy, my magnetic wreath holder that's on my door could not handle the weight, so I took some aqua ribbon and attached it to the door opening doo-hickey inside the door. Yes I do realize the hole in the wreath isn't perfect but it fits my laid back flip-flop wreath theme. Everyone that comes to my door asks if I made it and how and say that they love it. (Yeah I know my door is covered in little fingerprints!)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Re-purposed flower pots

Ok so flower pots can be expensive so keeping them as long as possible is important to me. I have had some on my porch for about 9 years. They are the foamy plastic material and they were a terra cotta look. Weathering has chipped away all the terra cotta around the rim of the pots. Instead of pitching them I decided to spray paint them first just to see how that might revive or destroy them.

Step 1 was heading to Lowe's to get some spray paint. I bought the clear plastic primer and chose 2 colors an aqua and a bright red. I sprayed a little of each color on each pot and stepped back. The red popped from my porch so we took a vote and it was a 3-1 vote in favor of the red. The aqua is being used on my big flower pot on the corner of the house, so everyone is a winner :)

I removed the dirt, wiped down the outside of the pots, sprayed on the primer - 2 coats on day 1, then on day 2 I sprayed on 2 coats of the red. On day 3 I added back in the dirt and planted flowers I got for Mother's day. I repeated the same process for the other pot.

I had to let my eyes adjust to the change for about a week but I really like it now. Going from terra cotta to shiny bright red was a bit shocking but I love that I can see those pots from the road.

I also have a bigger pot on the far side of my house, this one is all plastic and terra cotta color, this one I followed the same process but painted it aqua. Love it! Very summery and reminds me of colors you associate with the Caribbean.

For the paints I used Valspar in peacock blue and queen red.

 I still have a lot of clean up to do and I have some plants to replace but I am making good progress and these revived flower pots were a good motivator to get my yard summer ready.