Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The horror under my bathroom sinks!

Okay we all have something we just cannot manage, my dirty little secret lurks within my closets and under my sinks. I just cannot get things straight! We have added closet systems in the kids rooms to help keep their closets organized and now I am tackling the linen closets and under the bathroom sinks in our upstairs.

They are not perfect but greatly improved. The kid's bathroom was not bad to begin with but here is the after:

Yes that is a caboodle you are seeing :)

And the first picture of the mess was from my bathroom, and here is my after:

I know you are thinking it is still a mess but it is better, I know what is under there now and I can grab anything out that I want without having to dig. The little cabinet I added is empty, I wasn't sure what I should store in it, but it will likely be the little travel bags I have on top of that cabinet. I have a lot of these bags.

Nothing too exciting but clearing out the mess made me feel better and a little more organized.

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