Thursday, May 2, 2013

Storage Ottomans


I recently posted about my big triple window in my upstairs hallway. The windows sit in from the hallway so I think there is some wasted space. We really struggle in our house because we really don't have great storage here.
I thought this space was a good candidate for either built in storage or removable storage. I decided I wanted to start out with a solution that was not permanent so I went with three 36inch black storage ottomans from These are from Warehouse of Tiffany and run about $100 each. I bought them 1 at a time, initially I got one to see if I liked it. Then I started getting some good coupons so I ordered the second and the third, so I saved $50 and got free shipping.

The lids are removable versus lifting which is what I wanted. I like the look for my windows and I got the storage I was wanting for beach towels and extra blankets.

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