Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Re-Stuffed Pillows

Gosh I have been AWOL around here lately! Busy busy busy! We have hit end of school year, dance competition and recital time, and just better weather which means I have a lot of flower bed clean up to get done. My garden is another story, it's our rainy season here in Ohio so my vegetable garden is still under water and a giant mud pit so I cannot do a darned thing in that space except maybe mud wrestle.

But I did mention in an earlier pillow post that I had re-stuffed some old couch throw pillows I bought from Walmart. They are not what I would consider a perfect match to the couch I now have them on but anything is better than the old denim pillows that I had on there for years.

I don't like wasting things, but some things I do give away or donate and other things like pillows I try to find new homes for within my house. These pillows have life left in them but the stuffing had gone flat. I opened up the hole pulled out the fluff, ran the covers through the washing machine and re-stuffed these. Then I sewed the hole back up. I have to say that I have a hard time locating the hole that I went through. Glad I saved these instead of throwing them out.

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