Monday, May 27, 2013

My Cheap-O Mirror from Walmart


I was looking at leaners but they are just too expensive for me. I was in Walmart one day last summer and wandered down the aisle where mirrors and picture frames were sold. There was this Better Homes and Garden leaning wall mirror in black or bronze for less than $50. The mirror is a small leaner mirror not really what I think of as a leaning mirror because of the size but I thought it would be perfect over my livingroom couch.

I looked up the Walmart website and read the reviews, most said to look at the corner joints to get a good one, so I did just that and found the one that had the best frame. I chose the black frame. I like that this mirror had hanging hardware on each side of the mirror for those who want to hang the mirror instead of leaning it on the wall.

 I will likely get another one for my bedroom closet at some point. A great buy for $50.


  1. How did you hang this? I just bought this mirror and tried to hang with the wire and one of the hanging pieces ripped right off the back! There were no hanging instructions, only leaning one. If you can please email me at I would appreciate any help:)

    1. My mirror has hooks screwed into each side - they are called D-rings. Here is the link to the mirror I bought at Walmart

      We hung this using OOK Pro Picture Hangers these hooks hold different weights, I think mine held 50-100lbs it was brass and had 3 heads of the nails they provide. Probably heavier than I needed.